Box of 10 Exercise Mats

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Our exercise mats are made from the highest quality NBR foam and are 1.2cm thick. This helps keep your joints and feet from hurting so you have optimum comfort for the duration of your workout, be it gym work, yoga or Pilates. The quality of your workout is very important to us so our exercise mat for men and women features a non-slip surface so you can focus on your routine, and not on keeping the mat stable! They are perfectly suited for yoga or Pilates. All our exercise mats come with a free carry strap which makes it easy for you to take to transport. Simply roll your mat up and slot it into the easy to use straps and you are ready to go! The exercise mats are 180cm x 60cm x 1.2cm which is the perfect size and thickness for you to do almost any exercise routine with the highest level of comfort. They come in three different colours: Pink, Black or Blue.

Size: 180cm x 60cm x 1.2cm